Types of Diamond Shapes

Engagement rings are no longer just about the size of the stone anymore, or the precious metal it is set in, or the number of diamonds it has, it’s also about the shape of the main diamond. A diamond can be cut into a variety of different shapes based on preference, and each shape has its own unique brilliance and light refraction capabilities. When shopping for an engagement ring for your special someone, whether you are shopping alone or with your partner, the shape is a big choice you will have to make… so let’s explore some of the most popular shapes, and a bit about each one.


The round cut diamond is by far the most popular diamond and makes up almost 75% of all diamonds sold. This is a traditional cut that everyone is familiar and makes for a timeless vibe and look to any engagement ring. Due to its simple shape and the way diamonds reflect light, this cut of diamond is considered the most bright.


Introduced into popularity in the 80’s, this cut of diamond is very popular for engagement rings due to its flexibility and ease with incorporating into an engagement ring. If you are looking for something simple but elevated, the princess cut is a beautiful shape that won’t make you compromise on ring style.


Much like the round cut shape, this diamond has very high brilliance and fire, however, the added benefit of the oval shape is the elongated nature of it creates the illusion of larger size. Another perfect example of a classic style of diamond, but with the added benefit of optics that makes it appear larger than it truly is.


Carat for carat, this diamond cut has the largest surface area which also does a lot of good as far as perceived size. This diamond, much like the oval cut is elongated and shaped like a football with two points at opposite ends, and a long curved body. A gorgeous selection with a unique shape and beautiful light refraction.


This is a very unique cut for a diamond due to its flat table-like surface at the top and the step like gradual downfall on either side. Although there are less “Sparkle” on this cut of diamond, the way the light hits these steps creates a hall of mirrors effect that is beautiful and unlike any other cut of diamond out there.


This is exactly what it sounds like and is obviously the most romantic cut for a diamond at face value. This has recently become a very popular cut for a diamond as it retains much of the brilliance and beauty of the other cuts, but incorporates a well-recognized shape into the mix that is hard to miss.

There are many other styles and shapes of diamond cuts which you can explore at various online and retail locations, but this should get you started on your journey. Another piece to consider in this decision is whether you would like to use a mined diamond or a lab-grown one.  It’s important to know that both diamonds are the exact same in visual and chemical make-up and both make for a beautiful engagement ring or any other ring you are interested in purchasing.

Now get out there and make some brilliant choices… pun entirely intended.