How to Know if a Diamond is Real When You Are Buying From Resellers

If you look closely at Instagram and Facebook, you’ll see a lot of local diamond resellers in your area. However, without any accreditation or business permits, these online resellers and shops may not be easy to deal with.

First, there are scammers who mislabel their goods to get a higher price. Some don’t even know what they are selling. The advantage of buying from a reseller is that the diamonds are not as expensive as they are in physical stores. Still, you should consider whether or not you are buying the real thing when dealing with resellers.

How do you determine whether a diamond is real from resellers?

When buying online, you can’t know until you get the merchandise. By that time, you’ve already paid a huge amount and there is no assurance that you will get your money back. However, here are some ways you can ensure that you are buying a real diamond.

  1. Get a referral.

This is the best you can do when you want to buy from a reseller. If you know someone who has already bought a diamond, you can contact them and ask for a trusted reseller’s contact information. If someone else has already had a good experience with a reseller, you can try to buy one small piece to check if they are legitimate.

  1. Check reviews.

Now, this isn’t really as trustworthy as a referral. However, there is a way to check if reviews are real. First of all, use social media. This way, you can see whether a client is real or not. Fake reviewers usually have brand new accounts and have no real world association. Next, check more than one reviewer. Start with ten so you’ll see whether a store is actually selling to real people. Take negative reviews with a grain of salt because sometimes, mistakes are made that resellers cannot be held accountable for.

  1. Go to jewelry viewings.

Resellers usually have private viewings for their clients. However, they don’t easily invite anyone to their private viewings. In order to get an invite, make sure that you communicate to the reseller and build trust. It can be done with a few conversations or less. Just show them an ID (blur out any important information like your social security number, passport number, etc.) and ask if you can join the viewing.

  1. Bring your tools!

This can be a bit unconventional, but if you are a diamond connoisseur, it is best to bring tools like ring mandrels to check the accurate size of the jewelry you want to buy for someone else, a loupe to check the quality of the diamonds, and a magnifying glass if a loupe is unavailable. Before going there, make sure you know how to check for real diamonds.

To avoid the hassle of getting a fake diamond from resellers, try buying wholesale diamonds in Vancouver. This way, you get a lower price and you can rest assured that the diamond is indeed real.