Adding that finishing touch with the perfect cufflink

Although many men opt for simple, button-cuff shirts, more and more men are becoming aware of the benefits of the traditional, double cuff shirt that requires a pair of cufflinks. Cufflinks are not only smart, but they are also versatile. Many different styles are available for discerning men. From smart office wear to formal occasions, the right cufflinks finish off an outfit and can speak volumes about the wearer.

Link closure

The bullet back and toggle closure is the most common of the cufflink styles, providing ease of use and holding the cuffs closed. Other closures, such as silk or fabric knots, are generally used in more informal wear. Bullet back and toggle simply refers to the design of the cufflinks; the closure features a toggle that is suspended between two posts and turned at a 90-degree angle to hold the links in place once fitted into the mens designer shirts. No particular type of closure is more desirable than the others, and there are many cufflink designs available for various types of closures.

Link design

It is in the actual design of the cufflinks that the suitability for the occasion in question becomes important. The general rule of thumb for cufflinks is that less is more, with subtle designs being more favourable than ostentatious options. A silver or titanium cufflink looks good at any occasion, but precious stones should be reserved for more formal events such as white or black tie. If you really want to make your gemstone cufflinks have meaning, you can check out what each particular stone symbolises.

Novelty cufflinks

There are so many novelty cufflinks available that it can be tempting to choose some more flamboyant designs that coincide with a particular interest or hobby. It is generally agreed by experts such as that novelty cufflinks should not be worn at all for formal wear or business meetings.

However, there are tasteful designs available that will not harm either the look of the shirt or the reputation of the wearer if kept to being worn at the office or perhaps on a night out with fellow enthusiasts. Novelty links are particularly well-favoured at weddings, allowing the groom and his groomsmen to make a statement whilst still keeping with tradition.