Best Sunglasses For Big Noses!

Whether it’s a posh pair of Prada or a retro pair of Ray-Ban Sunglasses, matching your face shape is everything – be it for fashion’s sake or for protection purposes. But that’s what everybody says! What if you’re trying to make your nose look just a bit smaller? What’s the right pair of sunnies to wear? It’s a bit annoying knowing that your favourite pair of wayfarers (or cat eye or shield or oversized sunglasses) make your prominent features even more, well, PROMINENT! A bit cliché, we know, and we feel you! Even if you go for a pair of oversized Burberry Sunglasses (we got selected items at a discount, by the way) it’s still not a guarantee you’ll succeed.

The solution? With experience we’ve discovered the tips and tricks on how you can overshadow your big nose when wearing sunglasses. They’re not rocket science; you just need to pay close attention to them! We’ve prepared a list of sunnies from our top selling brands that you can choose from whenever you’re ready. We understand that your sense of style is unique, and chances are that you would not agree to 1, 2 or 3 of these points we shall tackle in here. That said, please treat them as suggestions only, nothing more nothing less!

Thick Frames Hides It All

Our first assumption was that thick frames always steal the show – we were right about it! Look at Anne Hathaway, why was Anne’s nose suddenly wasn’t that obvious? Yes, it’s those frames. The upper part of the frame is bold and wide and thick that it refocuses her face’s main attraction from a vertical perspective to a horizontal view. (Plus, the fact that hard cut frames fit perfectly on her oval shaped face!)

The Lower The Bridge, The Better

We didn’t notice this till one of our colleagues brought up a picture of one of her friends on Facebook wearing a pair of aviator sunglasses. Other than thick frames, shades with low bridge can draw away attention from the nose. The best part is that you can either go with either the thick frames or the low bridge or even both – That gives you the versatility, style wise!

Big Lenses Are A Steal

Of course, wearing oversized frames does the job too! The bigger the lens the better, but make sure you wear one that you’re confident you can pull it all together, just like Lady Gaga does…

Dark Or Mirrored Tints Are Winners

This one is a bit tricky since not all dark or mirrored tints work to your advantage. But it goes well with either an oversized frame or a thick acetate frame. While both of them wear dark tinted sunnies Celine’s version does the job better. Why? Take a good look! Celine’s pair of oversized sunglasses occupies most of her facial features including the nose area. Thus, shifting focus from face to sunglasses. Gisele’s wayfarer, on the other hand, does have thick frames but it sits perfectly on top of her nose making it a little bit obvious. And what about mirrored lens? Come to think of it, it’s intimidating on its own! You can literally get away with any aviator or wayfarer or wraparound that comes with a pair of mirrored lenses. The mirrored lens is enough to draw attention to Usher’s get up. Added to that is the oversized frame of the shades he’s wearing.

Rectangular Frames

When we thought of hard edge frames, the first celebrity that comes to mind is Dustin Hoffman. He wears it like he means it. And all you see is a different version of Dustin, that’s only visible when he’s wearing those square sunglasses. It works all the time, especially when the shades’ lens is pitch black, it’s bridge is low and frames are thick! Why, because there are all sorts of wraparound styles and not all of them cuts it out. Say for example, this version of wraparound worn by Adam Sandler:

Its lens is dark, it has hard edges, its bridge is low and yet it’s still not enough to cover his big nose! Small frames just don’t work. And what we think is the best brand to shop for a pair of wraparounds?