Mens Fashion Guide on Winter Wedding Trends 2022

With the winter coming up, it’s time to embrace winter fashion for men. If you haven’t got your winter wear sorted out already, let us show you the best formal dress for men. If you are an office-going lad, you need to put on the best formal dress for men that will suit the dipping temperatures.

  • Formal dress for men:

    If you are tired of wearing your regular shirt and trousers, you can layer up with a nice blazer this winter. Not only will your formal dress for men will look smart, but you will also protect yourself from the chilly winds. You can opt for fabrics such as tweed or woollen to brace against the cold if the temperature in your city dips drastically.

  • Leather jacket:

    There’s no particular season in which you need to wear a leather jacket. If you have that biker vibe, embrace the chilly temperatures this season by layering up in a leather jacket. You can opt for smart colours such as black, dark olive green, bottle green, brown, and even tan. Pair this jacket with your jeans and T-shirt and make heads turn every time you step outside in this smart look.

  • Pea coat:

    A double-breasted long coat is a winter essential for every man. Whether you’re going to the office or on a date night this winter season, you can bundle up in a nice peacoat that you can pair with your turtleneck and trousers. You can go for smart colours such as navy and black that will elevate your entire smart casual look.

  • Black jeans:

    You can’t go wrong when wearing jeans. The thick fabric of the denim will save you from the chills this winter season. Going back to the basics means you can pair your black jeans with a nice white T-shirt and layer it with a leather jacket or even a cardigan. You can even swap the T-shirt for a knitted sweater and do away with the jacket.

  • A wool overcoat:

    This winter, you can step out in style by layering up with a wool overcoat. Available in a range of colours, the woollen overcoat will give your overall look a smart edge. For a timeless appeal, you can stick to bold colours such as navy, camel, beige, black, charcoal, and tan.

  • Boots:

    Boots are the ultimate winter staple. If you’re a sucker for sturdy footwear, boots are the best option to choose from. From Chelseas to chukkas, you can experiment with a myriad of boots to style your outfits this winter season.

  • Denim jacket:

    If you feel that winters in your city aren’t harsh, you can embrace the pleasant climate by layering up in a denim jacket. Denim jackets are adaptable and timeless pieces of clothing, which is why you should opt for them to finish off your look. Chinos or dark jeans are the perfect bottoms to be paired with your denim jacket. You can also experiment with different colours such as opting for olive, white, or charcoal denim jackets.

These are the best winter staples for men that you should stock up on before the temperature starts dipping.