The Secret to Modern Men’s Fashion

Men’s fashion can range from a Messy Lumberjack to Metropolitan, on up to the Sophisticated Businessman, and still be a la mode. Does the runway dictate what’s hot? Is it the right brand? The right cut or fit? Across the myriad of looks, what is the common denominator? Confidence.

The Science Behind Self Confidence

Forbes reported on the science behind self-confidence, “The single most powerful way to build confidence is to act with the confidence you aspire to have.” And one of the tools they suggest boosting confidence is to “find your power pose,” reasoning “…that’s because when we shift our physical state, it shifts our mental and emotional state.” And Psychology Today states that Modeling Behavior is a strategy for gaining confidence. How can this apply to our topic? If you want to look as attractive as say, Ryan Gosling, then style, talk, and move like him.

So, what is an easy way to assume that mantle of confidence until it becomes natural? That Fake It ‘Til You Feel It secret? Consider this: what gets a man first noticed when he walks into a room, above any outfit scanned, before the flash of any smile, or before the revelation of Baby Blues before whipping off sunglasses? His hair–the lack of it or the state of it. For men who got it and flaunt it, hair is their crowning glory (literally).

How long? How short? What style in this situation or in that? The good news: it – doesn’t – matter. Just OWN IT. YOU decide the cut, YOU decide the style, and YOU control it. The easiest way to take control is literally to take control. **Invest in good hair product. ** This is the easiest way to up both your confidence and fashion game, without getting bogged down in the details and the cost. What to consider: a good hair product should simultaneously provide movement and yet resilient hold. Contradictory? Nope, ‘just science. It has achieved products that bathe and not cake, containment yet pliability, and enrich the hair and scalp. Hair cream is the best option out there for men. It creates diversity of style and even nourishes the hair. Hair gel and mousse tend to not provide enough hold or create a sticky mess, even in the highest-end products. The best hair styling cream for men will be the one that provides shape-ability. That celebrity just has God-given great hair? No, their stylist knows how to use their tools, and one of them is run-your-hands-through-your-hair product.

The best cream is all that and able to create an incredible diversity of hairstyles without greasiness or stickiness. So, rock that Hip-hop, or high-end designer, or mall brand, or thrift gear… Today’s men have the pocket weapon to wrap up any fashion statement they are trying to make, confidently. And in the end fashion is all about confidence, isn’t it?