Build The Perfect Chest With This Simple Guide

So, you’ve just walked out of the latest Marvel movie. You saw how so and so actor turned into a complete monster thanks to their workout routine. Whether it was Chris Evans or Scarlett Johansson, you are feeling more inspired than ever to build the body that you always dreamed of. Only, you don’t know where to start with your chest workout. Before you go shopping for new merch at a place like, take a moment to read our chest building guide. Creating a defined chest that ripples with muscle is a dream of pretty much every fitness enthusiast, but how do you get to that point?

Building A Killer Chest Workout

When you see someone with a chiseled upper body, it is almost hard not to be immediately impressed. There is something about building mass and definition in your chest that is impressive to pretty much everyone at every level of the fitness world. However, you likely won’t find the same kind of success if you approach your chest workouts with little in the way of guidance. Building a solid chest takes work, yes, but it also takes the right mindset. Let’s talk a little bit about how you can get the chest of your dreams.

1) Decide What You Want – Are you trying to build a strong chest so that you can lift heavy weights, or do you want pure shredded definition? Depending on your goals, you’ll have to change your approach. For pure strength, you’ll be looking at building your chest workout around 3 to 5 sets at 1 to 6 repetitions. For shredding, you’ll be looking at 3 to 4 sets at 7 to 12 repetitions. The way that your muscle builds changes based on how you work with your weight, so don’t forget to pay attention to what weight you are working at and how many repetitions you are hitting it for.

2) Learn To Love Dumbbells – The King and Queen of any fitness center will be the barbell bench and the squat rack. However, for building a solid chest you will want to spend more time with dumbbells. Free weights are amazing tools to build your chest because they provide all of the benefits of a barbell with the added benefit of stability work. When you hold dumbbells in each hand, you have to consciously work to keep them level and balanced. This extra stability work causes you to train harder and build results faster.

3) Practice Proper Form – You need to have great form no matter what workout you are doing, yet with chest this is doubly important. Improper form, especially when doing bench press or chest flies, can lead to rotator cuff and shoulder injuries. Injuries in that part of your body will set you back for a long time.

If you want to build the perfect chest, you’ll have to work for it. Fortunately, getting to your dream body isn’t impossible. Unfortunately, you are going to have to commit to your routine and work hard to get the chest of your dreams.