Seven wall shelves for bedroom interiors

The quirkiest and the most efficient way of adding storage while saving space is using wall shelves. The shelves add an element of oomph to the bland walls and help stack books and other items. These wall shelves are indispensable and convenient for tiny houses in which one needs to make the most out of the available space.

Following are seven wall shelves for bedroom interiors-

  • Simple wooden wall shelves for the bedroom

If the bedroom has limited space for furnishing, it is essential to have extra storage in the bedrooms. Hence, instead of adding a bulky showcase, one can simply go with the honeycomb-style wood shelf for the bedroom. The best part about these shelves is that they are easy to fix on the walls. They can also be used for decorating plain walls to keep things interesting.

  • A cool TV unit with a decorative wall shelf for the bedroom.

Everybody loves a clutter-free bedroom. We often run out of ideas to make the most of our limited bedroom space. Many people opt for a modular TV with a book wall shelf for the bedroom. The wall shelf comes with square-mounted shelves, ideal for stacking books together. These wall shelves are very sturdy, and they have a wide area to hold heavy books.

  • Floating wall shelves designed for the bedroom

This is the most decent pick as it is a simple floating design. The shelf is a very simple shelf which is wall-mounted. The design is sleek, and it adds a clean look to the wall of your bedroom. If you are fond of minimalistic designs, you can choose this one.

  • Small and savvy wall shelves for your study

This one is specifically for compact bedrooms. If you are not looking for something extravagant and bold and want to keep it simple, this is your go-to design. This showcase unit is wall-mounted, and it has three open wall shelves. You can stack your books or other items here. These wall shelves are ideal. They also keep the desk area completely clutter-free.

  • Wooden plank wall shelf

We all know that an attic bedroom has limited space and is quite congested. The shelf is very sturdy, and it is ideal for stacking books. The wooden shelves for such types of bedrooms look great for interiors that have wooden elements. The best part is adding more shelves depending on the storage requirements.

  • Circular accent wall shelf

circular accent wall shelf is the one which comes pre assembled and all one need to do is install it properly. Each shelf supports five pounds of weight. It also offers a spot for books and also for bottles and glasses.

  • Cute corner wall shelf

These cute laminate finish wall shelves are the best for storing books and other types of collectibles. It also has a bigger closed wall shelf that provides additional storage. You also have the option to increase the wall shelves if you need more storage.