Top tips for growing long hair

Who doesn’t want long and healthy hair?

They can enhance your beauty a hundred times more but many people find it difficult to grow their hair and get disappointed quickly about it. So here we are to tell you, that there is no strict rule to grow long hair. Sometimes the natural tendency of your hair to get long, is pretty slow compared to someone else and at times, you are not using the right ingredients to help your hair grow. So here we have gathered the best hair growing tips from the top Houston makeup artist, that would for sure help you learn how to grow long hair in just no time.

So let’s get started.

  1. Do not use the harsh brushes

The combing and brushing of the hair is something that is done several times each day, therefore selecting a hair brush that is gentle to your hair and that helps your hair get a life, is necessary. Using to harsh brushes that pull your hair off, or using such combs that hurt your scalp, should be something that is taken off the list to get beautiful and long hair.

  1. Skip shampooing with every wash

The next thing to consider is the number of times you are using shampoo on your hair. Using too much shampoo can kill the beauty of your hair. Therefore, apply the shampoo only twice a week and if your hair is too oily, make it thrice.

  1. Use conditioner every time

On the other hand, using conditioner every time on your hair is going to give very good results because the conditioner is going to make your hair look lustrous and shiny and will provide the nutrients that they need which are helpful in the growth of the hair.

  1. Change your cotton pillowcase

If you are using a cotton pillowcase, chances are, that you are going to get more hair fall issues. So switch the pillowcase to a silk or sateen one so that your hair is protected and they give a beautiful look as well.

  1. Do not use cold water on hair

The cold water can constrict the capillaries in your scalp. Therefore, opting the warm water for rinsing the hair is something that can give very good results.

  1. Be careful with your ponytail

If you have a habit of making a ponytail high up on your head, it is most likely to kill the hair strands and make them unhealthy. Therefore, use the low ponytail and secure your hair lightly. Too tight of the ponies are not a good choice on daily basis. You should treat your hair as gently as you can.

  1. Get a trim

Trimming your hair for the longer hair is something that is not a myth at all. The trim cuts out the unhealthy ends and give your hair a fresh start. So do try it out often.